《天下有情人》是 2017 年中央電視臺綜藝頻道打造的七夕特別節目。節目中的一段表演將兩首經典歌曲進行創意結合,通過實時影像追蹤投影技術將一個4.8 x 4.8 平方米的升降變幻立方體營造成京劇《霸王別姬》與流行歌曲《一生所愛》的融合表演空間。整個立方體成45°角面向觀眾席,用流行元素與京劇元素共同營造“穿越時空的真愛”和“一生所愛”的氛圍,背景的大屏影像烘托著立方體和雨絲幕的投影,穿插講述成長的無奈、刻骨的相思。
“There is a Valentine in the World” is the special program of the Tanabata created by the CCTV Variety Channel in 2017. A performance in the show combines two classic songs with a real-time image tracking projection technology to create a 4.8 x 4.8 square meter lift-changing cube battalion that will make the Peking Opera “Farewell My Concubine” and the popular song “Love of Life” space. The entire cube faces the auditorium at a 45° angle. Together with the elements of Peking Opera, the elements create the atmosphere of “traveling through time and space” and “love of life”. The large-screen image of the background highlights the projection of cubes and rain screens, interspersed with growth. Helpless, engraved lovesickness.

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