“National Treasures” is a large-scale cultural and educational exploration variety jointly produced by CCTV and CCTV Record International Media Co., Ltd., which is jointly launched by the National Palace Museum, the Shanghai Museum and the Nanjing Museum. REDSION completed the virtual rehearsal of the overall joint arrangement of images, music, mechanical dance and other overall visual presentation technology solutions for National Treasures. Based on the treasure house of Chinese culture, the program invites influential public figures to sort out and summarize the cultural relics, interpret the stories and history behind the cultural relics, and let the “National Treasures” “live”, and let more viewers enter the museum and evoke The public attaches importance to the protection of cultural relics and the protection of civilization.

The traditional dance beauty preview is combined with the real rehearsal, which is neither intuitive nor consumes a lot of manpower organization and communication costs. REDSION analyzes the visual effects and performance of the program for the stage yarn box, the perspective ice screen column change group and the giant ring. The overall design of the curtain design technology solution, and in the early stage of the recording of the overall stage virtual construction and scheduling rehearsal. Under the joint help of REDSION’s new media, the program group can perform pre-demonstration and real-time adjustment of the process of dance design, performance arrangement, media control, etc. from any perspective before the official recording of “National Treasure”, which improves the programming from presentation to presentation. The accuracy and efficiency of the preliminary preparation.

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